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The process of the zip lock bag making machine and the operation of each component
- Aug 01, 2018 -

The zip lock bag making machine is a machine for manufacturing various plastic packaging bags, and can process plastic packaging bags of different thicknesses and specifications. In the operation of the zipper bag making machine, the first is the loading frame, and the upper and lower sliding of the iron bar is controlled by the cylinder, which can facilitate the discharging. The reel was buckled by a screw, and after loading, the film was fastened with a low pressure wide bag. The roll then rotates counterclockwise.


Then, it is pressed by two rollers, and the motor is driven to rotate to pull the film, and then the film is pressed and pressed to control the tension. The rotation and stop of the rubber roller motor are detected by the inductance behind the cursor. If there is a film in front, the motor runs, no, stops.


In order to prevent the bag from wrinkling and ensure the size of the bag is the same, the zip lock bag making machine has a flat plate, and a light weight article can be placed on the film to flatten the film. The length of the bag is controlled by tracking the change in the color gradation of the printed color on the bag. The light eye can be moved back and forth by adjusting the screws at both ends. A white paper can be placed under the light eye, which helps to improve its sensitivity. If the pattern of the film is more complicated, a white paper is placed on the lettering pattern to prevent the light eye from being disturbed by the pattern.


The sealing knives on the zipper bag making machine are triangular in shape with a set of rollers at each end to allow the film to run straight at the sealing knives. The pad roller is generally a heat resistant silicon roller. The knife roll and silicone have a layer of heat resistant tape. The sealing knife has two cylinders, and the sealing knife is controlled up and down, which needs regular lubrication.


In addition, when adjusting the film cutting position, it can be realized by adjusting the height of the iron railing by adjusting the screw; in order to avoid the film winding the roller, there is a special electrostatic device before and after the sealing knife. The location of the film cut. The zipper bag making machine has two cutters, the lower cutter is fixed, the upper cutter cuts the film, and the edge is cut at a 5 degree angle.