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The scope of the flat bag making machine and its operation adjustment skills
- Sep 25, 2018 -

The flat bag making machine is a device mainly used for the production of plastic film square bottom bags and square bags. It is suitable for sealing and cutting EPE, PE, PO and other films, and the sealing is firmly folded accurately and fully automatic electric eye tracking. The flat bag making machine adopts computer control, electric eye color chasing, static eliminator, automatic counting, automatic constant temperature control and alarm device, which has stable performance and convenient operation.


When the flat bag making machine starts running, it is necessary to start the main motor to make it run at a low speed, then adjust the edge position control and divide the film in the middle position. Subsequently, the left and right nip rollers of the flat bag making machine are adjusted to align the left and right films, and the front and rear nip rollers are adjusted to align the patterns.


There is also a position of the heat sealing knife and the slitting blade of the flat bag making machine, so that it is heat sealed in the required range of the bag, and the punching position is adjusted to the scissors opening. Initially adjust the speed of the machine, take a flat sample bag, and carry out the initial inspection. If the requirements are not met, take a sample bag that is flattened for heat sealing value test. Finally, the bags produced by the flat bag making machine are sorted and inspected by the quality inspector of the machine. After the inspection is passed, the certificate is affixed and sent to the quality inspection room for sampling.