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The significant effect and reasonable structure of plastic folding machine
- Feb 05, 2019 -

With the development of social economy, most of the products need to use plastic products. The usual plastic products are made by plastic thermoforming, and the plastic bags need to be folded during the manufacturing process. At this time, the plastic folding machine can play an important role in this.
In the past, the manual manual folding was adopted, which caused the folding effect to rebound easily and the overall defective rate was extremely high. In order to completely solve this problem, a plastic folding machine was introduced. It is mainly composed of a base, a support rod, a mounting plate, a fixed cylinder, a guide rod, a hemming plate, a bending groove, a heating wire and the like.
The guiding rod of the plastic folding machine is arranged as a telescopic structure, and the inside of the guiding rod is provided with a damping layer; the curved opening is provided on both sides of the opening of the bending groove, and the spacing between the two curved surfaces is greater than the width of the folding board; The heating wire is provided with a plurality of electric heating wires, and the plurality of electric heating wires are equally spaced; the fins are provided with a plurality of fins, and the adjacent two fins are equally spaced, and one end of the fins away from the heat conducting sheet is inserted into the pumping passage. .
The plastic folding machine heats the plastic bag during the process of folding, so that the plastic bag will not rebound and reset after being folded, thereby improving the folding efficiency of the plastic bag; the plastic bag can be flattened and positioned by the fan and the air suction passage. It is convenient to fold the plastic bag; insert one end of the fin into the air suction passage to dissipate heat from the inside of the heat insulation board, prevent the temperature of the heat conduction plate from being too high, melt the plastic bag, improve the folding effect of the plastic bag and the plastic bag The yield rate.