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The steps when using the paper roll slitter
- Oct 30, 2018 -

The steps of using the paper roll slitters are as follows: When turning on the power, first check whether the static elimination mode has been turned on. This is to prevent the machine from malfunctioning and causing unnecessary loss during operation. Next, turn on the air pressure switch of the paper slitter and adjust it to between 0.5 and 0.6. The adjustment of the air pressure is critical because it affects the stability of the operation. After the adjustment is completed, the mother roll is placed in the roll with three to six cones.


After the mother roll is placed in the roll section of the paper slitting machine, the machine should be commissioned. Compare the diameter of the female file, press the up or down button, adjust the discharge rack to the appropriate height, and then clamp. Roll the film so that it can rotate at a constant speed or fast. After that, press the height adjustment button again to confirm the safety.


Then, to install the blade of the paper roll slitter, first check the blade edge of the blade to see if there is any damage. Then, select the appropriate slitting method according to the need to adjust the placement position of the blade. After this step is completed, the module of the paper core can be debugged.


The paper core is adjusted to allow the paper to be placed in the correct position so that the cut paper is very uniform. When all the debugging work is completed, a unified trial run of the paper slitting machine is carried out. When the product produced by the trial operation has no problem, it can be used.