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The use and characteristics of different types of garbage bag machine
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Different garbage bags can be matched with different production requirements. One is computer controlled sealing and cutting garbage bag machine, which is suitable for sealing and cutting all kinds of high and low pressure natural color and color printing plastic film. It is the most vest bag, flat pocket and garbage bag. Ideal preparation. The device adopts microcomputer control, step motor dragging, and can set the number of alarms arbitrarily; at the same time, there is imported photoelectric tracking, and the label is automatically stopped; in addition, the garbage bag machine can simultaneously open up and down two productions, which obviously increases the output.


The other is an electronically controlled stringing garbage bag machine, which is more suitable for high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene tube color and color printing plastic film for heat sealing and hot-cutting bags, which is the most ideal equipment for producing vest bags. The equipment adopts sealing and cutting knives with reasonable design, and it is convenient to clean and replace the rubber tape. It also has imported photoelectric tracking, which is accurate and stable, and automatically loses the standard when the label is lost. The blocking material is used to make the material stop or not discharge automatically.


In addition, there is a U-shaped plastic film special bag making machine which is a high-speed heat-sealing hot-cut garbage bag machine that can be operated at high speed without any operation and can be processed at the bottom of the bag. It is suitable for all major and medium-sized bags. , small bag manufacturers. The equipment has a high-speed operation capacity of 80/150m/min film bags per minute, and can adapt to long-term, stable and continuous operation.


When using this machine, the machine can be punched out without the need for long-term operation and management during the operation of the machine. If the raw materials are used up, the machine will be automatically stopped. The operator can continue to operate as long as the new film material is installed. At the same time, it has the advantages of high production efficiency, high automation and firm sealing.