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The use of HDPE blown film machine and its daily maintenance inspection work
- Nov 08, 2018 -

HDPE blown film machines produce HDPE film, which is widely used in many fields according to materials and characteristics. It is suitable for various high-grade film packaging, film for plastic bags, protective film and so on. The film is widely used for light and heavy packaging because of its good barrier property, preservation, moisture resistance, frost resistance, oxygen barrier and oil resistance. HDPE is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin with excellent electrical properties, especially high dielectric strength, making it suitable for wire and cable.


In order to keep the HDPE blown film machine in good working condition, it should develop a good habit of checking the temperature self-control, heating the electrical equipment intact, paying attention to adjusting the heating temperature of each point within the index range; also checking the traction speed and controlling the film thickness. Ensure that no deviations are made during the production process and that quality is maximized.


Secondly, it is necessary to observe whether the thickness of the film produced by the HDPE blown film machine is uniform, whether the folding diameter conforms to the standard, whether the width of the blown film is deviated, and appropriate adjustment; keep the raw material ratio and mix evenly, reject the imbalance operation; pure raw material production Check the classification so that the staggering affects the quality.


In addition, check the raw materials of HDPE blown film machine for impurities; check the lubrication condition of the gearbox and air compressor cylinder lubricating oil, ensure sufficient lubricating oil during start-up operation; regularly check the temperature rise and mechanical transmission of each running motor, Recommendations for recording data Recording data can help with future operations.