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Three Layer Film Blowing Machine Use Precautions
- Jul 20, 2018 -

When operating the three-layer film blowing machine, it is safe to consider, and the operator should not stand in front of the machine to avoid accidental injury to the operator. When the three-layer blown film machine feeds, it is strictly prevented that the hard materials in the raw materials with metal impurities and operating gadgets are damaged into the barrel. Do not wear gloves when operating the rotating machine to prevent getting caught in the injury.


At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to check and confirm whether the lubricating oil of the system is sufficient, and ensure that the mechanical transmission parts of the three-layer blown film machine are well lubricated, avoiding the dry operation and damaging the machine and making noise. When starting the operation, you must first check whether the power wiring of each channel is disconnected or leaking. Before starting the machine, ensure that all components are safe and normal, so as not to affect production and cause accidents.


In actual production, when the discharge of the die of the three-layer film blowing machine is relatively uniform, the operator can slowly pull the blank, and at the same time close the end of the blank, and slightly open the intake regulating valve to make it from the core. Place a small amount of compressed air in the center hole of the rod, then carefully guide the foam holder, the herringbone plate, and insert the traction roller and guide roller until coiling. Remember to be careful when cleaning the three-layer blown film machine to avoid damaging the smooth surface.