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What are the advanced technologies used in the three layer co-extrusion blown film machine?
- Oct 27, 2018 -

The three layer co-extrusion blown film machine adopts a new high-efficiency low-energy extrusion unit, IBC bubble internal cooling system, ±360° horizontal traction system, photoelectric automatic correcting device, automatic winding and film tension control and computer. Advanced technologies such as automatic screen control systems. Compared with similar equipment, it has the advantages of higher output, better plasticization, low energy consumption and simple operation. It completely solves the problems of film ruffle and winding size, and makes the product quality a new level.


In the range of film forming conditions of the three-layer co-extrusion blown film machine, the molding temperature, the cooling air temperature and the blow ratio are increased; then the film turbidity is increased and the gloss is lowered; and vice versa. When the die discharge is uniform, The glove can be slowly pulled and the tube blank is closed. At the same time, the end of the tube blank is closed, and the air intake regulating valve is slightly opened to put a small amount of compressed air from the center hole of the core rod, and then carefully passed through the stabilizing frame and the herringbone plate. And penetrate the traction roller and guide roller until the coil is taken up.


For the three layer co-extrusion blown film machine, in addition to the amount of extrusion, the high-volume blown film depends on the stability of the bubble, and whether the material can be efficiently cooled after passing through the oral gap is improved bubble stability. The main route of sex. The trend of yield improvement will continue, followed by the development of a dual-station cooling air ring for low melt temperature extruders.