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What are the characteristics of Plastic Sheet Cutting Machine?
- Jan 15, 2019 -

The plastic sheet cutting machine itself has a reasonable structural design, and the whole machine is specially welded by high-quality rectangular steel pipe. The equipment produced is not only quite firm and reliable, but also has high strength and no deformation. The machine is equipped with horizontal, vertical and block cutting devices. The motion is smooth and the cutting size is accurate. Any adjustment can be made in three directions.


For the time being, we mainly use plastic sheet metal cutting machines to cut various polymer materials such as engineering plastics, foam plastics and general plastics. Therefore, the power of the machine generally does not need to be too large, and the heat generation is not high, so the cutting width is not large.


In actual operation, the plastic sheet cutting machine runs stably, has high cutting precision, high running efficiency, simple operation, personalized processing and precision, laser head running track simulation display, and various path optimization functions. In addition, the machine uses a special automatic typesetting system to ensure maximum material savings and reduce production costs for users.