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What are the configuration features of the Plastic Film Slitting Machine?
- Mar 19, 2019 -

The Plastic Film Slitting Machine is suitable for polyester film, aluminized film, BOPPLDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP and other films. It can cut the film from 1000 to 2500 mm wide. There are 10 slits on the slitting machine, which can be customized according to the customer. Demand, using a slitting knife.


The plastic film slitting machine adopts the winding method of the upper and lower double gas rising shafts in the same direction, and the clamping of the winding and unwinding, and the movement of the cutter shaft and the pressure roller are all pneumatically controlled, and the operation is simple and quick. Single-motor variable frequency drive, synchronous belt drive, stable and reliable operation, low noise; tension control magnetic powder clutch winding, magnetic powder brake unwinding, high tension control accuracy, fast response, wide adjustable range; unwinding using advanced analog photoelectric automatic correction The system has a static elimination device, a blowing device, and automatic winding metering.


The plastic film slitting machine adopts AC motor frequency conversion control and runs smoothly; it is equipped with double-stage counter, automatic counting length and automatic stop braking; it is equipped with constant speed rubber traction roller to make the cutting speed constant; it is equipped with round knife, flat knife device and edge. The material fan is blown out; equipped with photoelectric correction, it can automatically track the edge of the slitting substrate to cut the wire rod.