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Working environment and installation adjustment of the paper roll slitting machine
- Aug 14, 2018 -

The paper roll slitting machine adopts microcomputer control to automatically cut and cut, and has reasonable structure; complete functions, stable performance and flexible operation adjustment; at the same time, it adopts imported photoelectric and multi-point speed control, which is widely used for slitting various film materials of rolls. Substrates such as glue, aluminum foil, insulating paper, photosensitive materials and various webs are the main supporting equipment for flexible packaging products.


It should be known that a good use environment can make the paper slitting machine last longer, and it is suitable to work in the following environments, including indoor ventilation; ambient temperature - 10 ° C + 40 ° C; try to avoid high temperature and humidity, humidity is less than 90% RH, no rain drops; avoid direct sunlight; no flammable, corrosive gases and liquids; installation base fixed without vibration; no electromagnetic interference, away from interference sources.


After the paper roll slitter is unpacked, the machine integrity should be checked to check whether there is any damage during transportation. After the damage is checked, the calibration level can be installed on a flat and solid basis. After installing the calibration level, thoroughly check whether the parts are intact, whether the bolts are tightly tightened, and whether the moving parts are flexible.


Then add the corresponding lubricating oil to each lubrication part of the paper roll slitting machine. Check the refueling and confirm that it is correct before turning on the machine. Before starting the machine, carefully read the instructions attached. Start slowly and start slowly. When everything is normal, slowly increase the cutting speed until it is normal.