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Zipper Bag Making Machine booting correct operation procedures
- Jul 12, 2018 -

First, the main motor of the zipper bag making machine is opened as required to operate at a low speed, and then the side position control is appropriately adjusted according to the actual situation to halve the film in the middle position. Then adjust the left and right nip rollers to align the left and right films, and adjust the front and rear nip rollers to align the pattern.


And pay attention to properly adjust the heat sealing knife, so that the heat sealing of the zipper bag making machine is within the requirements of the bag. Then adjust the slitting blade to the desired position and adjust the punching position to the scissors opening. Initially adjust the speed of the machine, take a flat sample bag, and carry out the initial inspection. If the requirements are not met, take a sample bag that is flattened for heat sealing value test. Next, the produced bags are sorted, and the bags with quality defects (such as folding, flower width, knife line, heat sealing, etc.) are selected and bundled as required.


Next, the quality inspector will inspect the finished products produced by the zipper bag manufacturing machine. After the inspection is passed, the certificate will be affixed and sent to the quality inspection room for sampling. During the operation of the zipper bag manufacturing machine, the staff should pay close attention to the bag making situation, and if the abnormality is found, adjust it immediately.