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Frequency Conversion Application Of Film Blowing Machine
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Process principle The dry polyethylene particles are added to the hopper, and the weight of the particles is entered into the screw from the hopper. When the granular material is in contact with the threaded bevel, the rotating bevel faces the plastic with a perpendicular thrust to the oblique edge, moving the plastic particles forward, as the friction between the plastic and the screw, the plastic and the barrel and the collision between the particles is rubbed , but also gradually dissolved due to the external heating of the barrel.

Melt plastic through the head of the filter to impurities from the mold head out, through the wind ring cooling, blowing through the human word plate, traction roll, Coiling will be finished film roll into a barrel.

Main structure

Mainly by extruder, head, die Head, cooling device, stable bubble frame, human word board, Traction roll, coiling device and so on.

Extruding Machine

, the extruder mainly by the screw, barrel plus hopper, deceleration and drive motor components, the driving motor adopts the electromagnetic speed-regulating motor (also can use the frequency conversion ordinary motor), through the belt drive to drive the reducer to make the screw in the barrel to make the rotation movement; so that its hopper plastic particles in the external heating in the case of molten plastic through the three-tee filter from Die head die

Die Head

This unit selects the Advanced spiral die structure, according to the high pressure, the low pressure, the mixture, the raw material polyethylene materials particularity, comprehensively considers, has designed the helix angle, the Xianpo angle, the shape angle length, the mold mouth opening degree and so on main technical parameter, after many times the comparison experiment carries on the optimization to

Cooling device

Composed of cooling air ring, air duct, blower, etc.


It is composed of traction frame, herringbone board, Traction Roller, coiling mechanism and traction motor, etc main parts.

Electrical control General units are equipped with a unit operating cabinet, the total button by the general power supply, turn on the general switch of the motor, you can control the fuselage and three links through the button switch, the mouth mode of each button electrothermal, of which the key part of the two sets of coils using thermocouple automatic temperature measurement and automatic temperature control, normal production process, temperatures can be automatically controlled to ensure stable and reliable production process.

Film Blowing machine is divided into many kinds, there are pe,pof and so on.

New particles are blown out of the fresh material, the color is said, clean, good bag stretching.

Some people use recycled plastic bags to make particles, this kind of particle is usually called old material, the particles are often gray when made into a bag, usually to add pigment, made bag coloring unevenness, crisp and easy to break, the price is also low.


Although it is recycled plastic bags, but generally is the bag in the process of waste bags and the usual sense of waste plastic or there is a big difference. Film Blowing machine production is suitable for a variety of high-grade film packaging. This membrane because of its good barrier, fresh, wet, frost-proof, oxygen isolation, oil-resistant, can be widely used in light and heavy packaging.

such as a variety of fresh fruit, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverages, medical supplies and so on.