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Garment Bag
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Clothing bag refers to the film of Opp, or PE, PP, CPP Films made of imports with the film is not adhesive tape, both sides of the bag sealed.


We are generally widely used in packing summer garments such as shirts, Bags of skirts, trousers, 祙, towels, breads and ornaments. Usually this kind of bag has a self-adhesive, put into the product can be directly sealed. In the domestic market, this kind of bag is very popular and widely used. Because of its good transparency, it is also ideal for packaging gifts. This kind of bag in Guangdong area especially clothing processing factory, cloth wholesale market, small commodity wholesale market, food industry demand and big, only in summer generally a small scale clothing factory demand to reach at least 1.5 million.

If there is a pattern printed on this bag, its transparency and the clarity of the pattern are other plastic bags can not be compared, which for the enterprise in the promotion of brand to do a strong publicity.


1. Using Frequency conversion speed regulation

2, Waste edge automatic elimination function 3, the machine control uses the computer digital system: The speed is fast, the size is accurate, the work is stable